DarkRadiant is an overhauled version originally based on GtkRadiant designed for use with The Dark Mod (www.thedarkmod.com), a Thief-inspired modification of the Doom 3 game engine.

The project is open source (written in C++), you can obtain or browse the sources from the GitHub project page.

Feature Highlights

Massive improvements have been made since development started: large parts of the code have already been refactored, improved or fully replaced by superior code. Highlights include the new or improved browsers for textures, models and skins as well as sound shaders. Texture Manipulation tools have been vastly improved and make seamless texturing a matter of seconds. A completely new U/V editor for patches is also included. All Inspectors have been redesigned/rewritten. Light volumes and vertices of projected/point lights are draggable and so on and so forth.

Dark Mod Editing

Our goal is to provide the Dark Mod fan-mission community with a capable and easy-to-use editor. To achieve this, specialised plugins were developed to assist Dark Mod mappers with tackling the complex mission creating tasks - we already have Dark Mod-specific plug-ins for editing Stim/Response, Readables, Objectives, Difficulty Settings and Conversations.

Download latest Version 2.2.1

Windows Installer

Windows Portable (7z)

Debian / Ubuntu / Kubuntu:

There is a darkradiant package for Debian, which is usually available after some time in Ubuntu as well .

Compile from Source:

See the Compilation Guide on our Wiki to build DarkRadiant fresh from its sources.